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About Us

About Us

SOLID R.O.C.C. LLC was formed in 2007 by Steve and Makeva Rhoden for the sole purpose of providing consultative services to newly formed businesses, established non-profits, community and faith-based organizations.  Its three main components are to Develop, Transform and Educate:

Develop“to change and become larger, stronger, or more impressive, successful, or advanced”

The overall mission of Solid R.O.C.C. LLC is to build organizational capacity through the strengthening of small businesses and organizations in order to conduct projects that will sustain the viability of the community. 

Transform “to change something completely, especially improving their appearance or usefulness”

Solid R.O.C.C., LLC will provide individuals and organizations (public, private, non-profit, community-based and faith-based, etc.) with high standard consultative services to assist in the development, restructuring, promotion or expansion of their business.  Services include but are not limited to website design, website hosting, grant and business proposal writing, accounting/accounts management and personnel needs (i.e., virtual office assistance).

Educate“to train somebody, or improve somebody's awareness”

Solid R.O.C.C., LLC seeks to unite with the community and its leaders to provide training and technical assistance that will enhance one’s ability to address a variety of issues corroding the growth of the surrounding environment.  These areas include but are not limited to:

      1. Social Marketing – partnering to address health disparities in minority and other disparate populations through the mobilization of community and grassroots organizations dedicated to implementing health promotion, prevention and awareness campaigns.
      2. Technology Training – workshops and trainings to assist people in adapting to the changing technological advancements of the world.
      3. Empowerment Seminars – workshops that increases an individual’s ability to integrate into the workplace and beyond (i.e., resume writing, interview skills, financial management, leadership skills, etc.).
The R.O.C.C. in our company name stands for “Reaching Our Community through Collaboration" and furthers our belief that we can only mature when we connect with like minded people who are interested in developing, transforming and educating the community.   
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